#1 Firewall Proxy for private silkroad servers.

Want a stable silkroad private server ?

What we offers

# Starter Starter+ Standard Standard+ Professional Professional+
Player Limit 50 250 500 1000 2000 5000
Agent Server Limit 1 1 1 2 2 5
DDos Protection (480 Gbps)
Exploit Protection
Spam/Flood Protection
[Client] IP Limit
[Client] PC Limit
[Client] AFK
[Client] Block skills
[Client] Disconnect character
[Client] Block skills
[Delays] Exchange
[Delays] Stall
[Delays] Reverse
[Delays] Reverse (while job)
[Delays] Restart
[Delays] Global
[Delays] Zerk
[Delays] Trade
[Delays] Pills
[Alchemy] Third-part tools
[Alchemy] Plus Limit
[Alchemy] Plus notice
[Job Char] Use Trace
[Job Char] Use Exchange
[Job Char] Use Reverse
[Job Char] Use Res scrolls
[Job Char] Use Zerk
[Job Char] Mount fellow pet
[Job Char] Skills Control
[Job Char] Suit Level
[Job Char] IP Limit
[Job Char] PC Limit
[Job Temple] Bot Control
[Job Temple] Party Control
[Job Temple] IP Limit
[Job Temple] PC Limit
[Teleports] Open / Close gate at certain time
[Region] Limit IP
[Region] Limit PC
[Region Restrictions] Per Region Resticted Bots
[Region Restrictions] Per Region Resticted Berserk
[Region Restrictions] Per Region Restricted Skills
[Region Restrictions] Party Restricted Regions
[Region Restrictions] Compulsory PvP(Cape) Regions
[Region Restrictions] Compulsory Job Regions
[PK Settings] Enable / Disable
[Battle Arena] Minimum Level
[Battle Arena] Reward (Item / silk / point / gift / gold)
[Battle Arena] Reward amount
[Battle Arena] Reward Opt.
[Battle Arena] Afk system
[Battle Arena] Bot Control
[Battle Arena] Pet Control
[Battle Arena] Zerk Control
[Battle Arena] Disable pills bug
[Battle Arena] Skills Control
[Battle Arena] IP Limit
[Battle Arena] PC Limit
[Capture the Flag] Minimum Level
[Capture the Flag] Reward (Item / silk / point / gift / gold)
[Capture the Flag] Reward amount
[Capture the Flag] Reward Opt.
[Capture the Flag] Afk system
[Capture the Flag] Bot Control
[Capture the Flag] Pet Control
[Capture the Flag] Zerk Control
[Capture the Flag] Disable pills bug
[Capture the Flag] Skills Control
[Capture the Flag] IP Limit
[Capture the Flag] PC Limit
[Guild / Union] Limit
[Academy] Disable Academy System
[Academy] Disable Academy Create
[PVP] Buffers without cap
[PVP] Exchange
[Bots] Allow / Disallow
[Bots] Detection
[Bots] Can blue avatar
[Bots] Create Party
[Bots] Invite party
[Bots] Open Stall
[Bots] Use Exchange
[Bots] Open PvP(Cape)
[Bots] (Buy / Sell) Goods
[Bots] Use Trace
[Bots] Use Pills
[Staff] Control commands for each GM
[Staff] Spawn GM visible
[Staff] Only staff can login
[Staff] Recall char under job state
[Reward per hour] Enable / Disable
[Reward per hour] Required Level
[Reward per hour] Change reward type
[Reward per hour] Reward amount
[Reward per hour] Reward delay
[Reward per hour] Reward afk
[Reward per hour] Reward notice
[Reward per hour] IP Limit
[Reward per hour] PC Limit
[Unique Reward] Enable / Disable
[Unique Reward] Reward type (items / silk / gift / point / gold)
[Unique Reward] Mode (normal / job)
[Unique Reward] Reward notice
[Fortress war] Required Level
[Fortress war] Bot Control
[Fortress war] Trace Control
[Fortress war] Disable Berserk Pot
[Fortress war] Use Res scrolls
[Fortress war] Disable attack pets
[Fortress war] Disable Pills bug
[Fortress war] IP Limit
[Fortress war] PC Limit
[Fortress war] Reward (items / silk / point / gift / gold)
[Fortress war] Reward players inside fw only
[Fortress war] Skills Control
[Notification] Welcome Message
[Logs] Panel filter log
[Logs] Current online
[Logs] Unique kills
[Logs] All Chat
[Logs] Private Chat
[Logs] Global Chat