Minions bot

Minions bot

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*You can set more than 1 buff and skill to use during attack
*Use speed
*User potion
*Use zerk
[To be a commander you have to send a PT to the bot char]
Game commands:
commands is working in PM,PT and All chat
buff // Use a selected Buff
capon // Open PVP cap
capoff // Close PVP cap
sit // Sitdown or standup
wakeup // Revive after killed in PVP mode
trace // Trace commander
speed // Use speed [put speed in the first inventory slot]
Prem area
Leave PT // for sure to leave PT xD
zerk // To open zerk
buffer // Switch the Minion to a buffer char
buffme // Minion will buff you with the skills you seted on CBuffs
stop attack // To stop attack
stop buffer // To stop the buffer loop
dw to jangan // To Teleport from Downhang to Jangan
jangan to dw // To Teleport from Jangan to Downhang
jangan fw //To teleport to Jangan FW Download now Statistics

Contact info.

Call: +20 120 852 6258

Email: [email protected]

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